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We have invested tens of thousands of dollars looking for the next hot real estate market.  After all of

our travels and market studies, they have identified a truly rare opportunity to profit with a guarantee

in the United States. We are currently working in the Southeast United States specifically in the State

of Mississippi that is currently helping individuals rebuild their lives after the catastrophic events, such

as Hurricane Katrina, the BP Oil Spill, numerous tornadoes, and recent flooding over the past 6 years.

The primary focus on new construction along the Mississippi Gulf Coast was replacing beach front

condos, multi-family units, and large apartment complexes to house the casino workers, military

personnel, and homeless renters whose previous rental unit was destroyed. The rebuilding of single

family homes was and still is being ignored. New laws and building codes prohibited many individuals

from rebuilding, and they are currently living in these apartments and multi-family duplexes. 

Government programs, such as the SRAP Program, benefited investors that built multi-family units.

Numerous Government Programs, as well as the Federal Disaster Relief Protection, has been made

available to Mississippi locals however we have identified the one program that offers a new home

buyer a true 100% Loan, guaranteed and backed by a branch of  the Federal Government, specifically

the USDA.


"This is America's Next New Hot Housing Area"

First just imagine for a moment that you and all of the people in your town are evacuated from your

homes. Then, when you returned you found that all of the homes and businesses in your town were

completely destroyed. That is exactly what happened in Mississippi. With all of the media attention

on New Orleans , many people don’t know that nearly 100,00 homes were damaged or destroyed

along the Mississippi Gulf Coast along with most of the business establishments. Nature Coast Homes

would like to help rebuild  “Affordable Homes” in this area, however we need your money for the 

Construction of these “Much Needed” Affordable Homes. Ø


"Who is the USDA"

The United States Department of Agriculture is the United States Federal Executive Department

responsible for developing and executing  U.S. federal government policy for rural housing in the

United States as well as farming, agriculture, forestry & food.

USDA History:


In 2012, the USDA helped 7,940 families with low incomes obtain safe, affordable homes, providing

approximately $900 million in single family direct subsidized loans.

100% Direct Loan:


In 2012, under the guaranteed loan program helped more than 145,100 moderate income families

purchase single family homes.

100% Guaranteed Loan:


WASHINGTON, January 9, 2013 - USDA Rural Housing Development helps to invest more than

$30 billion to strengthen rural America. 


Between 2009-2012 the USDA has funded more than $3.2 Billion in USDA Loans along the

Mississippi Gulf Coast

$126,479,715 Single Family Housing Direct Loans Issued

$1,319,685,957 Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Issued



"Why Mississippi"


Mississippi, One of the Hottest Market in America

WLOX 13 News, December 5th, 2012


Industry experts and local officials believe that 6 years ago, Hurricane Katrina was the driving factor

that should lead to an excellent real estate opportunity in the years to come along the Mississippi Gulf

Coast. Due to Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi did not experience a “housing boom” or a “housing bust”. 

Their real estate boom has just started and may last 8-10 years.

“A Rapidly Growing Economy”

* March 2012 Landry’s Inc. approval for a $150 million expansion of Golden Nugget Casino

* May 2012 The new Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Casino opens creating 1000’s of jobs

* May 2012 Huntington Ingalls receives $2.38 billion Navy defense contract to build ships

* June 2012 Congress passes the “Restore Act” giving Mississippi 100’s of millions to rebuild

* June 2012 Oyster Bay Casino approved to start building $170 million Waterfront Resort

 *June 2012 Mississippi approves new Boardwalk Casino  housing a new Trump Plaza Resort

* June 2012 LaSalle receives $100’s of millions for National Guard Military Readiness Centers

* June 2012 $600 million Port of the Future is well under way in Gulfport Mississippi 


Mississippi is a “Who’s Who” of Technology

Below are just a few technology oriented operations located along the Mississippi Gulf Coast


Headquarters for the National Data Buoy Center

Headquarters for the Environmental Protection Agency Lab

Headquarters for the Department of Homeland Security Data Center

NASA’s Rocket Propulsion and Earth Science efforts (Stennis Space Center)

Headquarters of the Northern Gulf Institute, a detachment of the Naval Research Lab

Headquarters for the US Navy’s oceanographers who keep track of weather and ocean conditions

worldwide. They operate one of the world’s largest supercomputers. 



"The Housing Need"

There is a "Need" here in Mississippi unlike most areas around the country.

The Mississippi Comprehensive Housing Analysis claims that there are over 6,525

New SFR Homes.







The Mississippi Gulf Coast is in NEED of

6,525 New Single Family Residences 

In the next 3 years (181 New Homes Per Month)



Supply vs. Demand =Economics 101


There are NO Homes Available !



Affordable and Safe Housing Explained

To the people along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, right after Hurricane Katrina devastated their area,

affordable housing meant FEMA trailers. Over 100,000 homes were destroyed; leaving simply no

housing options for people other than these FEMA provided trailers. Once order was restored, the

quickest and most effective way to provide affordable housing was marketing and selling

mobile/modular homes.  These units were shipped in from all over the country to provide immediate

affordable housing.


The local builders are using substandard methods with the minimal requirements against hurricanes,

rather than building safe and energy efficient homes.

This is where we shine; we build new homes using concrete block construction and pre-engineered

roof trusses, as per the standards in 95% of the new homes in the State of Florida, thus building

Affordable, Safe, and Energy Efficient Houses



Why Nature Coast Homes ?

When Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Mississippi Gulf Coast, it not only took the homes, it also took the

people, the infrastructure, the businesses, and the economy.  Many of the residents fled to families and

locations outside of the area and they did not return.  Due to this there was and still is a “Shortageof “

new home builders” in the area. Not only is there a shortage of new home builders, but there is also a

shortage of the labor trade pool that is needed for new construction such as plumbers, electricians,

air-conditioning installers,  laborers for concrete, block, stucco, framing, excavators and all other

trades required and needed to build a New Home. Due to this, prices remain fairly “High”.


“This is our Specialty”

Nature Coast Homes is from Florida.  Due to the “Housing Bust”, Florida has been one of the hardest

hit states in the US.   We have 1st hand knowledge of this.  No worries, this works to our advantage in

Mississippi.  Nature Coast Homes has secured their Residential Builders License in Mississippi and has

contracted with our labor pool in Florida that currently has no work so we can not only secure their

services but at a discounted rate !


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